Monday, April 23, 2012

But first, let’s start with a prayer....

Kindling the HearthFire
  --from Alexander Carmichael’s Carmina Gadelica, 1911.  

I will raise the hearthfire
As Mary would.
The encirclement of Bride and of Mary
On the fire, and on the floor,
And on the household all.

I will kindle my fire this morning
In the presence of the holy angels of heaven.
In the presence of Ariel of the loveliest form,
In the presence of Uriel of the myriad charms,
Without malice, without jealousy, without envy;
Without fear, without terror of aught under the Sun,
But the Holy Son of God to shield me.

Kindle in my heart within
A flame of love to my neighbor,
To my foe, to my friend, to my kindred all,
To the brave, to the knave, to the thrall.
O Son of the loveliest Mary,
From the lowliest thing that liveth,
To the Name that is highest of all. 

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